TREASURE – 1st MINI [THE SECOND STEP : CHAPTER ONE] set version (with weverse pob)


* The outer case is just for protecting goods. (scratches and discoloration on the case can not be the reason for exchanging or returning) 

* CD + PHOTOBOOK (150p) + SLEEVE  RANDOM PHOTOCARD (1 of 13) + RANDOM SELFIE PHOTOCARD (2 of 24) + RANDOM POSTCARD (1 of 12) + STICKER (1ea) + RANDOM UNIT SELFIE PHOTOCARD (1 of 8 / First Edition Only) + RARE FIND TREASURE CARD (20ea ONLY / First Edition Only) + FOLDED POSTER (1ea / First Edition Only) + DOUBLE-SIDED POSTER (1ea / First Edition Only)

– RANDOM UNIT SELFIE PHOTOCARD, RARE FIND TREASURE CARD, FOLDED POSTER, DOUBLE-SIDED POSTER are given only in the first edition, and have same images for different versions.
– Double side Poster : Based on the first press production quantity, there will be 1:1 extra gift. (Same images for different versions)

** First press limited RARE TREASURE CARD is the card that is only inserted in a total 20 of the first press produced albums, and there will be a special benefit for those who receive the album containing the card. (Please check out the details of the benefits later on.)

* The composition can be partially changed during the production process. 

for order process and more refer important notes
release date : 15/02/2022
weverse pob : 3 unreleased holographic photo cards (3 random out of 12) + 2 card cases + 1 unreleased mini treasure poster

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